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Poole Pottery

Poole Twintone and Tableware : A History & Collectors' Guide

I bought my first piece of Poole pottery, a teapot, in 2001 in a junk shop in Lincolnshire. Later, at auctions, I started finding more pieces to match, and then began to wonder just how much was made and in how many different colours and shapes. Once again, when looking for information, I found the details I wanted weren’t in the books and even the experts couldn’t answer all my questions.

My first idea was to write a book on ‘Twintone’, the two-colour tableware and decorative ware popular in the 1950s and 60s. However, the more I collected, the more I realised its origins went back to the 1930s and the later pottery carried on various influences from early pieces, so that the whole body of work produced by Poole inextricably linked. I started off knowing almost nothing about pottery and its manufacture, and although I still don’t know much of the practicalities, at least I now appreciate some of the skills that go into making even the most apparently simple pieces.

The book is a collectors’ guide and a history. It tells the story of Poole tableware from the 1920s to the end of production at Poole in 2006. It identifies all the ranges of tableware, the glazes and many of the patterns. It is a continuing quest and new finds will be illustrated on my other website,

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